Thursday, August 2, 2007

Breaking News: This Just in -

I regret to inform you that BOB the fish was found dead this morning at 8:00 am he was found on the bottom of the fish bowl and we suspect mafia involvement as he was currently registered in the witness protection program. A memorial service was held at 9:00 am at the toilet located off of 57th Place. There was a lovely tribute performed vocally by myself as BOB swirled around the basin. We will miss you BOB and you shall be replaced in a few days.

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Anonymous said...

A rousing chorus of:

Oh it was sad, so sad,
It was sad, mighty sad,
It was sad when the great fish went the bottom...
Oh the husbands and wives,
itty-bitty children cried their eyes.
It was sad, when the great fish went the bottom of the sea....

OOOOPS - wrong thing sinking...oh well, you get the drift...
Hugs, Jo Mama :o)