Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Episode XLXI: “Busy Little Bee”

I am posting this picture so you can see what Bri Bri looks like and this is him with Josh. These are my boys but I share them with Lexie on occasion, HA! Seriously these two are awesome and there was some drinking after I left on Thursday night, why is Josh grabbing his chest – don’t know I wasn’t there.

So I have been busy since my last post lots of working and cleaning around the house. Tonight I have to clean the carpets and I still haven’t finished my laundry. I am hoping to have everything done by the end of the week since there will be a BBQ at my house on Saturday and that way if it rains or something I will not be embarrassed to have the party moved indoors. I will not be attending Kootz until possibly Thursday night not sure yet. Busy Busy Busy!

Hope everyone has “Big Things” planned for the holiday weekend and I want everyone to have fun and be safe!

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