Monday, August 20, 2007

Episode XLVIII: “Pretty In Pink”

OK not the best picture – Mr. Doubly is back ruining my photos but you get the point with the hair. The above reference picture was taken on Friday night before we went out to Kootz. Me and Melody were as always waiting on Lexie and we decided to pose for a picture on her bed. We didn’t stay out late and I was home by 1:30.

I had to work the closing shift both days this weekend, but after I got off on Saturday I met up with Michelle’s birthday party at Bernie’s and then we headed over to Platinum Jacks, literally walked through the Gaslight and said hello to T00L and then ended up at the Woodshed I had a total of two drinks and for some reason was pretty buzzed must have been the lack of dinner and sleep – but I had a blast and today Michelle is officially 30. I have nothing exciting planned for tonight just doing some laundry and cleaning because if the house is a mess when Sam gets home he is going to be mad.


Anonymous said...

I think your pink hair is sexy. Yeah, baby. Hehehe
have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm as always waiting for me...I am not happy with that comment beeeotch. I was not feeling it and you and Mel were like gitty little girls driving me CRAZY!
But I am still in love with you! GAW!

Anonymous said...

i really think we need to see if the carpet matches the drapes.


AlaskaMe said...

Thanks Mel - Lexie as for your comment you have every reason to be giddy too you just have to let yourself go and Tool I have already answered that question with a resounding NO, but maybe next time. Not that I will be showing you.