Friday, August 24, 2007

Episode XLX: “I have a lovely bunch of coconuts.”

Ok so Poppy has left me for the next few days so to cheer myself up I agreed to meet Lexie and Mel at Kootz last night even though I was originally planning on going home and going right to bed. Well those two were late – because lets face it we are all the queens of the fashionably late crew. So I spent the first 30 minutes by myself (not really Joe my bartender kept me company) until the girls showed up at like 8:45. We hung out went over the old business and addressed the new business and then brought the meeting of the “Sex and the City – Alaska Chapter” to a close and then I totally bailed on my girls at 10 and was at home in bed 10:30 I was out like a rock and slept well considering. I have to work both jobs tonight and I am going to take a break from all the partying to do some much needed cleaning/organizing around the house. So I will post something on Monday although not sure if anything interesting will happen over the weekend.

PS – I have a ringing in my ears – what’s that mean.


Anonymous said...

it means you are having sex the wrong way. just because the ear is an orifice doesnt mean its fair game to insert various objects into it.
following is a list of approved ear stimulators: qtips, pencils, knitting needles, pinky fingers, tongues.

Anonymous said...

long time listener, second time caller...

I love the pink streaks, so sexy, but I still can't figure out a) why you spend so much time out and about; and b) why all your time is spent koots? That place is so terrible.

my email is if you care to respond.