Friday, August 3, 2007

Episode XLI: “Judi Gras”

So obviously this is a picture of me and Lexie at Judi Gras Last Night (Yes I know Koots AGAIN!) I managed to get out of there in a little over an hour and was home and in bed by 1:30am. However leaving Lexie there was a big mistake, Melody you are fired. This morning I received pictures of her taken with my men. These are my boys and she is getting all photo happy – whatever! I miss Brian he would at least give me some loving and Mike wasn’t there either. Oh well more work today at both jobs and then I plan on being in bed by 9:30 tonight since I have to work the early shift tomorrow. Beads, love and Boobs from A-Town!

P.S. It’s hard to tell but I am actually wearing short white shorts and I had my heels on if I would have made one wrong turn on Spenard, I could have made some serious money. NOT!


Anonymous said...

I can't be fired- it was a kodak moment. It had to be stored forever in picture format. Its like the mastercard commericals-
one drink: $7
five pairs of beads: $2
picture of you and two cute guys to show off to your girlfriends the next day: priceless
and besides its all about sharing the love!

Anonymous said...

I share Brian with you, you can share Josh and Andy with me. My boobs never left my don't be blogin that they did, I got all my beads for smiling. Mel is not fired she is hired; I drank as much water as drinks last night just ask Nat! Thanks to Joe and the free passes to everything Brian is gonna leave me for going out too much...I can see it now. GAW!

AlaskaMe said...

I never said your boobs were out! But there were alot of boobs out last night everyone trying to get the most beads to win a hundred dollars - so not worth it to me.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd be one of the $50 streetwalkers. No action for anything less than $50.

Though you'd be the classy type that has a purse full of condoms. and a single feather.


Anonymous said...

Did T00L say feather??? Does he know about the "Tickle your A** with a feather" story? "F**king hot in here ain't it?!"

Jo Mama :o)

P.S. so paid attention to previous blogs/comments - noted that a certain person of the male/macho persuasion signs his name with ZERO - ZERO not mere "o's" Wonder though why he advertises that he's got two zeroes/null/nada/zip in the middle? Hmmmmm....makes one wonder.

Hug him for me anyway Ker - MoM :o)

Anonymous said...

I've been persuaded to be male?

Mom, the two zeros are representative of how I've been blessed with only two inches of tool. Yes, I just said I have a two inch tool. Why? Well arent you tired of hearing guys brag about their size and it all turns out to be a lie?
See, I do just the opposite. The only questions is whether you will be impressed by my honesty or my modesty.


Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know about your weekend!! You've got to come check out this puppy! Oh, and can you still get me a job? My husband thinks it would be much better than a corner...