Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Episode XIX: "How much DIRT is too much DIRT?"

The names have been left out of the following post to protect the innocent.

I was e-mailing a friend of mine and she tried to pull one over on me so I shot back with a retort that was both witty and true at which point her reply was “You have too much dirt on me.”

When it comes to your close friends is it possible to have too much dirt? I don’t think so – I think it shows that you know everything about them and yet you still love them no matter what – I think it’s a true test of friendship. With this comes awesome responsibility though, say you were to have a falling out with said friend and not be friends anymore EVER this would not give you license to go around airing their dirty laundry everywhere. Guess I’m not vindictive!

Then again my friends keep my secrets (to the grave beotches)!

Locked up tight as Fort Knox here in Alaska.

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Marz said...

Dirt is dirt, that's what I say. Mutual dirt, is good. Particularly with people such as you, whom I know it is in safe hands with. :)