Thursday, July 12, 2007

Episode XX: “Damn goose bumps now I have to shave my legs again.”

So yesterday I would have totally froze my rasta farr E en nay nays off (that is if I had any). This is an on going war with one of my co-workers. He claims in the summer time that it gets so hot in his office because he has huge windows and the sun beats in on him (this is true which is why I moved out of that office years ago). Unfortunately this means that my office (cell) which has no windows becomes the resident ice box. I left for lunch yesterday and left a half a soda on my desk and came back an hour later and it was practically colder then when I got it out of the machine. So I brought in a heater at lunch yesterday and was blissfully warm for the rest of the day.

Which is all to the good since I was flouncing around yesterday in my black and white poka dot dress. There is something freeing about wearing a dress – knowing that you can moon someone and have your dress back down before they even knew what hit them.

Although as some of my friends can validate dresses are a lot like shorts and I have a tendency to pull the sides up on my shorts (like up to my ears) this usually only happens when alcohol is involved but sometimes just being in a good mood triggers these episodes of pantspulupits – it is a rare medical condition that is not funny in the slightest, (unless you’re a friend or family member).

Here’s to white cotton underwear.

P.S. Met up with the girls last night to hang out – so this is my shout out to Alexis, Melody and C…C….C….Blondie!


Anonymous said...

As to the tendency to pull your dress up in public...let me share this little story:

There once was this adorable child who had recently started wearing "big girl panties" and she was SOOOO pround of them that she wanted to show them with glee to anyone with earshot...unfortunately this meant they were within EYE shot as well, and she would next to a total stranger and say, "Mommy got me new panties - whanna see? They are my big girl panties, and they have ruffles on them." Well of course polite adults would say "Gee Honey, that's nice, but big girls don't pull their dresses up over their heads and show other people their panties..." This sweet child must have been forever marred to hear some wize-a** female in the near vicinity pop up and announce, "Oh yeah? Some of them DO!"
Nuff said...and I won't point out who the cherubic child was, but she still loves wearing skirts and rising them to her ears to share her knicker (thank heaven she's at least wearing them!) to anyone near enough to enjoy them.
Hugs, JoMama :o)

AlaskaMe said...

HA! Out of the mouths of mothers - glad I don't blush easily anymore. I guess I sort of brought it up.