Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Episode XVIII: "Runaway Jury"

So this week I am on-call for jury duty and last night I called in and had to be down at the court house this morning at 8:00. Bundles of fun! Then I proceeded to sit around the jury waiting room for 2 hours banging my head against the wall because I forgot to bring something to read or do. So I resorted to my 2nd favorite thing to do, people watching. Apparently when you put a couple hundred people in a waiting room who don’t want to be there this is a sign that we all must be united and the bitching begins. Most of these people I had seen walking to the courthouse from the parking garage recognized them by the extremely dejected looks on their faces which mirrored mine. Everyone saying a small prayer that they don’t get selected. I on the other hand wouldn’t care if I got selected it’s the hours of waiting around that drive me crazy. Not to mention the men who see this as the new Anchorage Connection place to meet singles – please I am not a morning person so just back away slowly and you may yet live to be selected by the judge.

Survey Says! I’m still on-call for the rest of the week even though I was dismissed today.”


Anonymous said...

So you got hit on....?

AlaskaMe said...

No not me I stationed myself under a big plant with a window on one side and a married guy on the other as my safety buffer. I'm not stupid.

Marz said...

HAHAHA! You rock! Not everyone going into sit in a room and wait for that long would keep such a thing in mind! Thus they would be stuck getting hit on.

Not so you my dear... you are smarter than the average bear. :)

AlaskaMe said...

Well I have my moments of smartness.

Anonymous said...

note to self: visit courtroom more often, bring coffee, not booze. well, still bring booze, but bring for self not for hotties.