Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Episode XXIII: “Wardrobe malfunction!”

So yesterday was one of the best days we have had in awhile and it looks like today is going to be the same. So yesterday after work Melody and I met up at Alexis’s place to sit out on her roof top and enjoy the sun. I swear it was a scene right out of Sex and the City. We enjoyed some girl time and were talking about everything under the sun (literally). Well of course it got a little crazy and Lexie was wearing her sun dress and then she started bouncing around like a hooligan and well can we say BOOB! Then because this was funny she then flashed both of them and thank goodness there were no planes flying over head at that moment or we might have made headlines. So tonight there will be a replay and hopefully Blondie can make it over too and then we can really have the foursome going. We are so much hotter then the Sex and the City Wenches. Whatever!


Anonymous said...

I was trying to move my chair!

Anonymous said...

i miss all the fun moments!


Anonymous said...

Sex and the City? Can't imagine what her neighbors must think of you guys sitting up there like the closing of each episode of "Third Rock From the Sun"

Some weeks it sounds like an Anchorage based sit-com would be more like: "Sucks and it's a Pity!"

...but what do I know...I'm living vacariously through you girls anyway!
Love and kisses - The Queen of Me!