Monday, July 30, 2007

Episode XXXVIII: “CAB!”

One moment while I try and get my brain to reach back to the start of the weekend.

Friday – Get off work – then swing by Marcella’s BBQ briefly to give her a birthday card (HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!), but then I had to run because the plan was to go and see Harry Potter – well once we got to the theater it was just way to crazy – so Melody and I went for dinner at Applebee’s and then called up Lexie and Blondie and discovered them sitting at The Crossroads – so we decided to join them there. Well about 9:00 I start to get a headache and feel tired so I leave the girls to carry on without me and go home and fall into bed (Hey I have had late nights for the last couple of weeks and it’s finally catching up with me). Well at some point I can’t remember the times I get a phone call from Lexie & Melody – apparently they had decided to hit most the bars downtown and Blondie decided to take a cab home (she was so running away from the other girls). Then while I was on the phone with Lexie she walked by the gaslight and puts Tool on the phone (Hi Tool.) Then she gets back on the phone and informs me to basically get my butt out of bed and meet them at Kootz. I do and in the time it takes me to get there Lexie has proceeded to drop her cell phone in the toilet at Kootz and Melody fishes it out for her – and I’m sure they are both going to get some sort of flesh eating disease. I don’t know what time I went home but I had to get up and be functional for my first whole day at my new job 3 to close standing and running around all day.

Saturday – Went to work and got off at 11:10pm and then briefly met up with everyone at Kootz again, I got there at midnight and left at 1:30 – I was tired, hungry and not looking my best and frankly my feet were killing me. So I went home and did some laundry and stuffed my face with comfort food to the point I almost made myself sick by eating too much. Apparently after I left the girls kept on partying and I did receive several drunken phone calls but that might be because I sort of sneaked away. I didn’t want anyone talking me out of not going. I’m told there was some sort of cab incident – but whatever – whenever is there not incidents.

Sunday – Roommate Sam called from Utah at 9:30 in the morning – (he knows better then to do that, I don’t know what came over him or what he was thinking). Well I figured that if I had to be up so did everyone else. So since I needed to borrow a work truck to help “Poppy” move I made Lexie and Melody come over to drive me to get it. We brought it back and then we all snuggled on the bed and then I got up and had to be to work again at 2 and more standing (MY LEGS ARE KILLING ME AND IF ANYONE WANTS TO TRADE I WOULD BE MORE THEN HAPPY TOO!) I got off at 9:15 last night and then Lexie calls me and when I call her back (A guy answers the phone and has me going for a split second on some story and then I realize that it is some guy messing with me – but I for the life of me can’t figure out who would be with Lexie.) So I hang up and a moment later it hits me and I have to call back. Yup – I totally forgot Mike (from Florida) just got into town that afternoon. So once I call him on it he says I have to come down and meet them at the Pioneer downtown and that he’s not taking NO for an answer. Well I haven’t seen him in forever so I head down there and stay until 11:00 and then I come home and wait on “Poppy” so I can make a run with the truck and then return it to work. I think we got done by about one-ish. But I didn’t get to sleep until about 2:30 so I’m tired my legs are still killing me and I really just want to go home and crawl into bed and sleep the day away. Suppose to have a BBQ at my house tonight but it’s raining so I don’t think that is going to happen. I’ll let you know though.

P.S. Mike is here for like 12 days – so expect major partying and I have every intention of feeling his muscles up close and personal. Not to mention I think we will have to have a snuggle off – I am so going to win! Because I AM AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

Brain snuggles the best! You all are great runners up though. I am tired...I think tonight will have to be me, bed and TV night....WATER....I need WATER.

AlaskaMe said...

Ditto - it's sleepy weather too - so that should help.