Friday, July 6, 2007

Episode XVII: “My 45 minutes of fame!”

“FAME! I want to live forever, I want to learn how to fly! FAME!”

Ok so Wednesday I was floating on cloud nine. Or more accurately the back of a one ton truck that was festooned with balloons, paper and boy scouts. Most of the decorations were attached with duct tape because really nothing is more American then that and it was Red, White and Blue Duct Tape we were so proud to be riding on the duct tape float driven by none other then “roommate Sam”. Yes once again I put my life in Sam’s hands I kept having vision of a rough stop and my face connecting with the cab of the truck, although the people who lined the streets were the most fun they would see me wobble and my eyes get as big as saucers and grin or yell at me to hold on they knew I was fearing for my life and most of them appreciated that I had showed up anyway for their entertainment.

In the morning before the parade the judges came around to judge the floats so we were all on our best behavior when one judge asks me if the Boy Scout to my right has his hand in is pocket. I look and that little pipsqueak has one hand on the American Flag and one in his pocket. With out even thinking I take my white gloved hand and backhand him across the arm and hiss at him to take his hand out of his pocket. At that moment the judge starts laughing and saying that’s more like it. Either way we won third place – so we rock.

This really does not need to be said but I am the world biggest walking disaster when I was a kid growing up I had what my mother refers to as banana legs if there is an opportunity for me to humiliate myself by falling I can’t help but jump up and down shouting me-me-me I will do it. So I was a little worried about that. I however had protection, this came in the form of the United States Navy uniform I was wearing it held me up and in place like there was invisible strings tied to my shoulders to keep my back straight. I would not be responsible for disrespecting the uniform. Now I’m not actually in the Navy which I had to explain to a few people. I was wearing my mother’s uniform (which shows that I had 20 years in – damn I look good for my age). At first I thought there might be a problem with this but I figure if Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington and Demi Moore can wear one then I certainly can. Especially since I have more Pride, Respect and Love for that uniform and more importantly the woman who wore it then any of the listed above. Not to mention I looked just as good.

So as we made the route through the city I smiled and waved and my favorite moment came at a loll in the crowd on my side and a mother was sitting with her daughter on the curb and as we drove by I waved at her and I heard the little girl say “Look Mommy she looks so pretty.” That statement made my year I almost jumped off the truck and ran over to her to give her a big hug. I wasn’t sure I wanted kids but now I want twelve just like that little girl.

There were tons of cameras (including news cameras) and nothing is weirder then complete strangers taking your picture. Yup there was nothing but the feeling of pride for our country and I had the best time. Then at the end suddenly I could feel the pain in my feet from the shoes never before worn and my under clothes meant to slim me down and hide my imperfect body were suddenly digging into my rib cage. Yep my 45 minutes were now up – still I love this country!

P.S. I looked HOT HOT HOT!


BlondeBombshellBlog said...

Wow,sounds like you had a great time. Being in a parade, I've never done it, totally new experience, glad you got to do it!

Anonymous said...

Love it - you for got to say I looked Hot 3 times...LOVE YOU!

AlaskaMe said...

OK I fixed it! Now it's right ON!

Anonymous said...

Okay - I'm still vaklempt from your lovely comment about your pride in the military and your Mom...she must be a heck of a gal...nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

I'm glad that you agreed to ride on the float, glad that you asked to wear my old uniform, glad that you were it so well...and most of all glad that ONE of us can still wear it!

Love, JoMama :o)