Friday, July 27, 2007

Episode XXXVII: “Dance Dance!”

OK so the other night when I was at Kootz I noticed that they have added a stripper pole to the band side dance floor. Now the swing bar has always had a few poles up by the bar but they are there to, you know hold the roof up and all. Well Wednesday night I decided to give Bri Bri a little show using the swing bar foundation poles when one of the girls that worked there told me the pole was in the other room. Oh why thank you – so you guys installed that just for me? How sweet! Yeah that is not happening until such time as I am so wasted that there will be vomiting involved. So while the pole may have been meant for me by all means anyone who has the moxie jump up on that and shake it.

This is your Queen of Kootz signing off.


Anonymous said...

longtime listener, first time caller...

I somehow stumbled onto your blog and read it every now and again.

Don't you know or care that there are more and better bars here in Anchorage, besides Koots?

AlaskaMe said...

Actually I am aware there are other bars and usually frequent places such as Platinum Jaxx, Club O, Bernie's, Humpy's, the Woodshed, Last Frontier and even The Crossroads. However since I don't always go out with the same people we always seem to end up at Kootz because it is the biggest. However if you care to recommend one that I have not listed I will be more than happy to try it out.

And thanks for stopping by to read my blog I except all feedback.

BlondeBombshellBlog said...

Um, what she really means is that she ACCEPTS all feedback. But don't hold that against her. Love ya long time K.