Monday, July 23, 2007

Episode XXXII: “Can you Hear Me, Can you Hear Me NOW!”

OK well my weekend consisted of sun and sleeping, a lot of sun and a lot of sleeping.

So Friday I was exhausted so I went to bed early and ignored everyone. Woke up Saturday morning at 9:00 and Alexis had decided since it was the most fabulous day out ever that we needed to go to Big Lake. So I am dressed in my Maui best ready for the beach look and we head out. Once we get there we almost immediately hopped on the Jet Ski’s. We then proceeded to tear it up and I was chasing boats and jumping wakes and I hit this one and when I landed the handlebars were turned and the Jet Ski shot off in one direction and I went the other. That’s right Keri tanked it in the middle of the lake (MAN DOWN!). Lexie didn’t actually witness the incident but she looked around in time to see me in the water and my Jet Ski 50 feet away. Well I whined enough that she towed me back to it. However everything was wet and I lost my rose sunglasses (The first casualty of the war of the Jet Ski’s) which are now residing at the bottom of the lake.

Then later in the day Lexie’s mom gets into an all out water war with the neighbor and by the end of that the dock was completely drenched and my phone was wet. I tried to save it and I can still text message but the speaker and mic are having difficulties and it’s hard to hear people or have them hear me. Maybe it will start working in another couple of days.

I ended up going to Kootz for a couple hours Saturday night ran into Marcella there and just hung out and then left early. Slept most of the day Sunday.

P.S. I lost another 3 pounds this last week “SWEET!” (DOUBLE ARM PUMP <- Brianism)


Anonymous said...

Do not forget the wet t-shirt contest!

AlaskaMe said...

Well I didn't want to get in trouble by saying your mother was participating in a wet t-shirt contest and putting that all over the web. Oh well guess it's there now.

Anonymous said...

Did I use the word mom in any way...did everyone who read this think that when i said wet t-shirt contest that I would have EVER meant my mom? But thank you Keri, I bet your out of the will for this one.
Ha Ha!